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Truck transport has been the main activity of the company since its establishment in 1993. After 25 years on the market, ADAJA, LLC. has established a stable and trustful position among costumers.
We are on the road for you across the whole Europe.

Brief characteristics of the company


  • established in 1993 – 25 years of operating on the transport market
  • registered in Business Register of Regional Court Trenčín, folder number 313/R
  • the share capital is 1,000 000 EUR
  • car park: 30 trucks
  • main activity – transport and freight forwarding, including international and domestic truck transport
  • ADR transport of dangerous substances (excluding Classes 1 – explosives and articles and Class 7 – radioactive material)
  • diagnostics and repairs of trucks
  • storage
  • member of the Road Transport Association of the Slovak republic ČESMAD Slovakia

Certificates and licenses

  • a license for the international transport of goods within the European Community
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate for activities related to international and domestic truck transport, brokering and freight forwarding activities
  • liability insurance for goods up to 200,000 EUR (CMR Convention) – in case of customer requirements, it is possible to secure the goods for a higher amount than the CMR
“Business with truck traffic in Slovakia is not easy, but if it were, everyone would do it. The strength and the desire to provide our employees with background, stable work and reliable service customers is still working ahead.” Ing. Ján Adamčík, st.

Company Management – Managing Director


We have put trust into Mercedes Benz vehicles since Adaja´s establishment as these vehicles represent safety and reliability.

Flexibility and reliability

A modern, well-maintained and organized dispatching management system ensures a rapid response to all customer needs and changes.

Innovation and building a prosperous partnership

Our main goal being a customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services and the productivity of our company.

Road freight transport

International road freight transport

Domestic road truck transport

Cargo shipments, partial shipments, goods receipt

Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia are among the major transport destinations in international road transport, but we can also provide transport services to other European countries.

Truck service and repair

We provide our own vehicles with high-quality service and repairs through our own repair station. We carry out a wide range of diagnostic and repair activities not only for our own trucks. Our customers are also provided with professional services associated with a tire service.

Offered repair activities


  • diagnostics and service of MERCEDES trucks,

  • diagnostics and service of brake systems WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE, HALDEX,

  • service of semi-trailers SCHMITZ, SCHWARZMULLER, etc.,

  • service of trucks and commercial vehicles MERCEDES, MAN, IVECO, DAF, SCANIA, VOLVO, RENAULT,

  • tire service,

  • braking system – check of brake condition, functionality and efficiency, brake adjustment,

  • detection of axle clearance,

  • axle geometry – laser,

  • service inspections and service fluid renewal,

  • preparation of vehicles on MOT test,

  • setting of headlamps, etc.,

  • change of clutch,

  • repair of floors and superstructures,

  • parking.

Gas station

The company’s premises include the fuel filling station with highest quality diesel and the ADblue additive, which is also available to our contractors.


In our warehouses we offer comprehensive logistics services from storage, handling to warehousing and delivery of goods to the final consumer.


Car park

Car park is made up exceptionally of EURO, 5, EURO 5 EEV and Euro 6 emission standart trucks. In our car park you will find Mercedes Benz trailers and Schmitz semi-trailers.

Car park consists of:

  • Flatbed trapezoidal semi-trailers with standard dimensions (internal height up to 2,8 m, capacity up to 90 m3)
  • Flatbed trailer large-volume mega semi-trailers (internal height up to 3 m, volume 100 m3)
  • Dumps
Vehicle equipment

Vehicles are equipped with navigation and monitoring system, mobile communication with roaming, protective means necessary for the quality and safety of transport and goods. Company dispatching monitors driving behavior and current vehicle position through monitoring systems. It can quickly and operationally address any emerging crisis situations.

We enable our business partners to monitor the movement of the transported goods directly.